Phoenix Financial services loans that are sold exclusively at the four Auto Credit Sales locations -

"I have had a roungh couple of years financially and Phoenix Financial LLC was the only lender I could find to lend to me what I needed for a car loan.  The experience was great from beginning to end during the buying process!  At some of the other lots I went to around town, I felt like a burden but not here!  Everyone is so nice to talk to and very respectful.  Thank you!"

Richard D.

Stephanie H.

Peter J.

Phoenix Financial LLC is a consumer finance company who specializing in financing used car purchases from approved dealers.  Our goal is to forge long term relationships with customers through fast and friendly service.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve your auto loan needs.

"I was very satisfied with my first car buying purchase through Phoenix Financial LLC and one of the Auto Credit Stores.  When I went back to buy my second car from them, I received great news as my credit score had increased so I could now go to a traditional lender and finance more car at a great rate.  I recommend Phoenix Financial LLC to all of my friends and family!"

My parents financed a few vehicles over the years with Phoenix Financial LLC and I am glad I decided to work with them as well.  I recently got a new job and my pay schedule changed.  I called Angie at Phoenix Financial LLC to see if we could change my payment date to better coincide with my pay schedule and she made it happen in one phone call!"

Phoenix Financial LLC


CONSUMER Auto Loan Specialist